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The Urban Otaku Blog Page...........


January 4th,

Finally a blog page outside of facebook, thank god!  Don't get me wrong I love facebook but man I am always feeling like I have to watch what I write and other stuff.  Now, now don't get the wrong impression...I am very straight forward with my opinions on things and I would like to bring it accross that way.  As you can see above we have also created an affiliation with Play, well isn't obvious.  How hobby is pretty expensive you know!  You will be able to read our rants and thoughts on this page while we imerse ourselves in our self indulgent Anime and Gaming culture so that you, the fan, can hopefully get an idea in plain speaking (I am an Anime Redneck.)with out the philoshopical disection of every frame.  Heck all we want to know if it has a good story with Hot Chicks!  Stick around you might just like what you read, or not then in that case....Too Bad!!!!