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Samurai Project BMX Racing Team...


 January 16th,

Check out the Video Below.........

 Well we had some great racing going on at the indoor in Greenville, Mi.  It was all good for sure, Brittney, Hailey, Collin, and a few friends.  The day started off will a little blowing snow but when we were on the road the weather was great.  As I am pulling up to the Track, Its an old Meijers Thrifty Acres store, its in a great location in a charming little town (which is the birthplace of Meijers stores).  We are talking a BMX Hungry town with a ton of potential.  After I unload the car and head inside, I am in Awe on how big and wide the track is.  I am talking the first turn is huge!!!  The track is wide all the way around for plenty of racing moves to be made.  Super sweet!!!!  Now usually, when I hit a michigan track i always run into great people, well It proved true again!!  Tons of great volunteers, great parents, and a great conversation with the photographer that was there.  Thrifty Acres Indoor BMX is doing it right Folks!!!  I can't wait to go back.  And of course Britt, Hailey, and Collin made it even better.  Now Hailey, No Snookin Punching!  Great times for sure.  Now I am (Eric) finally able to start regular exercising again so I can start to get my race on finally.  Well I am a little tired, so I am gonna sign off for now.  Later.




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 January 4th,

This is a blog page dedicated to our BMX racing team.  We hope to have pics along with announcements, riding updates, Hopes and Dreams for our great riders.  You might just find a bike check or too here as well.  Thats because we are Ballers Baby!!!!  Stay tuned for great stuff!!!!!!