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The Samurai!

Our product is inspired by our culture and our team.  Everyone has an imput from the executives all the way to the flow riders.  These Riders are all about the culture and giving back to the community.  Eventually we will have ways to contact your favorite rider along with more pics.  you will also notice on the side we will spotlight our riders making difference and where they are headed.

Executive Team

Eric "Lighting B." Boyer
Racer, Street rider, Anime Fan and Just plain good guy.


Heath "The Man" Ries
Co-Owner and Designer
Racer, Street, Trails, and Park Destroyer.


Zac "The CEO" Ries
BMX and Mountain Bike Stud


Greg "The God-Father" Hess
Executive in Arms
Racer, Trails, and over all Bad Mo Fo



The Factory Team


Alex Burton
Racer, Street, and over all Ladies Man


Eric K.
Trails, Park, Street, and Over all Pure Rock and Roll


Cody Miller
Racer, Street, Trails, and Sultan of Style.


Chaz Moore
Racer, Street, and Trails.  The Prodigy.


Donnie Moore
Racer, Street, and Trails.  The Specialist


Dinnie Moore
Racer and "The Future"


Ryan "Girl Pants" Groth
Street, Trails, and everything in between.


Jeremy "The Agent" Rincon
Racer, Rider, and true BMX Executive.


Kennedy "Osaka" "The President" Boyer
Racer, Rider, and Nothing but Pure Attitude!


The Flow Team......

Ryan Thompson
Bio coming soon......
Pics coming soon


Samurai making noise!!!....

  • Eric K. has posted a killer new video on his myspace page from his recent trip to Austin, TX.  Visit his MYSPACE for more videos.