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Samurai Project

Where BMX, Gaming, and Anime collide

About Us

What can we say that hasn't already been said about us?  Wait nothing has been said yet because we are WRITING History.  Our little company is all about the good stuff you find in the BMX and Anime cultures, Fun and individuality.  Our company features some of the brightest minds from the BMX and Anime industry with years of experience oozing out of the pores.  We sponsor our ever famous Helmet donation program to the up and coming riders and always looking to help budding anime/manga/gaming artists break into the industry while wearing stylish apparel.  We take our cultures very seriously.  We are the Samurai Project, We are BMX with Responsibility!!!


The story of the Samurai Project....

The original idea of the Samurai Project actually started when I was 13.  I was having a real tough time with me health and Of course school wasnt to friendly.  I got introduced to BMX racing that summer from a neighbor hood friend.  He took me down to the race on an old Smokey and the Bandit 20" bike and we went down to our local track.  What I saw that day was the beginning of my love for BMX.  The competition, the individualality, the sportmanship from riders and familys, and of course it was all about enjoying yourself.  I had riders that I have never met before coming up to me and wanting to help me on the track and off.  I have never been treated like that in any sport I have done.  Soon after that I put my first BMX (Schwinn Scrambler) on layaway at the Spoke Shop eagerly anticipating my first race.  Over the winter I would sneak out on my bike and ride imagining I was on the track racing against my friends and getting my first trophey.  My outlook on life had taken a turn for the better, in fact I truly believe BMX saved me.  My first race came very quikly and I was in for the ride of my life.   I ended up getting dead last.  I wasnt depressed like i was in other sports for my performance.  I was determined to ride and get better.  That whole summer I rode everywhere-to the track, down town, to the grocery store, and when I walked my grandmother around the neighborhood (She was diagonosed with alzhiemers and went down real quick).  I was also amazed to find out I had something in common with cousin Jeff, he raced and rode as well.  After the summer was over I had lost alot of weight, my health had improved dramtically, and on the first day of school as a freshman-people were talking to me!  I wasnt the overweight kid that kept to himself that couldnt walk down a hall with out wanting to collapse.  Like I said, BMX saved my life.  Life was all about the bike and being individual not following the crowd and I was accepted for that.  The older I got the more I started getting into the culture that BMX had created in its self.  I started to think about creating shirts to create and forge my own culture.  Well I started to fall away from the sport like many High school seniors did back then and  started my real life.  As life went on the lessons that I learned from riding helped out tremendously in all aspects of my life.  Then on the fatefull day I walked into a new bike shop in my home town I was introduced to the sport I loved as a kid once again.  Brian C. owned the shop of whom I had raced with as a kid and he talked me into coming down the track in Morenci Michigan.  I was hooked once again. The sport was the same but dramatically different.  It had taken a blow and dropped of dramatically not only from a participation stand point but a financial stand point.  The Factory teams were gone and no out side sponsors at all and of course the sport was little more expensive to jump into that turned familys away of getting there kids involved.  With that all the main aspect of the sport was still there.  The family aspect was unbelievalbe along with the sportsmanship.  I was embraced back into the sport with open arms.  After riding for awhile i was drawn to the idea of giving back to the sport that has given so much to me.


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