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Samurai Project

Where BMX, Gaming, and Anime collide


Our products are designed and chosen to bring out your inner Samurai wether you are on the track, riding the streets, kicking back watching some kick butt anime or gaming til the early morning.  All products are available at our Ebay store just click

Samurai-Project-Clothing-Co in order to take the next step, in raising your honor!!!!  Take a look below to view a sample of our first ever line of products.


A.    B.           C.   D.

A. The Corporate Shirt

B. The Website Shirt

C. Mask of War

D. The Kanji


More to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!




E-mail us for availability and colors at  Stayed tuned to for our fall/ winter line.

Riding Accesories:

stay tuned........


Coming soon....